Dedicated Web Hosting - Advantages and Disadvantages

Having a dedicated web hosting service can be one of the most important business decisions of your business career. There are so many web hosting services and options available for dedicated web hosting. It can be a real challenge to decide on the best type of web hosting solution for your situation.

Getting a dedicated web hosting server may be the right option if shared plans don't have enough disk space, transfer, CPU and features you need. One of the big advantages of dedicated web hosting is that you have the whole server to yourself with plenty of data transfer limits. In most cases with dedicated web hosting you can run what ever programs you want. With dedicated web hosting you get all the hard drive with Gigabytes of free space and 100% of the Central Processing Unit power for fast speed and reliability. For webmasters this can be invaluable for having many web sites and for hosting web sites for others. With dedicated web hosting you can do this from one server without increasing your business costs.

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One of the disadvantages of dedicated web hosting is that this type of hosting comes with a higher price. You will also have to know how to manage the server with installing, upgrading, configuring and monitoring programs. You also have to know how to add web sites, deal with hackers and be able to fix problems that may happen with your dedicated web hosting option. One way to help with these type of concerns is to get a managed dedicated web hosting server or hire a webmaster to do it for you. The disadvantage with this is the high cost involved with this type of dedicated web hosting service.

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If you are not skilled in dealing with managing a dedicated web hosting server, you can end up with many problems. It is not a good idea to jump into managing your own dedicated web hosting without being experienced with the administrative aspects required.

Running your web site from a dedicated web hosting server is a great idea if your web site requires custom software, lots of storage space, large bandwidth and a high degree of security. Some great advantages of dedicated web hosting servers is that you can deploy complex applications. You can run databases such as SQL, mySQL, Oracle, ColdFushion and many others. With a dedicated web hosting service you can have the freedom and benefits of reliability and security for your business needs. It is wise to take time shopping for the right dedicated web hosting service and to educate yourself with all the options available to you.

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